eyeQ was created by institutional investors, for retail investors.

Retail investors have always been at a disadvantage. The main reason for this is a lack of information.

The smartest financial traders always have access to the highest quality information. It informs their decision making and allows them to move first.

But the toolbox no longer has to be reserved for professionals only.

We have built the technology that finally puts these tools in your hands. Using the extraordinary power of artificial intelligence, our technology distills the complexity of financial markets into easy-to-interpret trading signals.

We can draw macro insights on over 8,000 financial instruments anddeliver them to you in real-time.

Meet our People

Our common mission is to empower every retail investor with the same toolkit as institutional investors to increase their success rate.

Trust. Access. Success.

eyeQ is a product of Quant insight – using the same AI brain originally created for institutional investors.

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